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Emily Harris

Program Director

Emily started gymnastics when she was three years old. She fell in love with the sport and competed until she was nearly 15 years old. She was an elite gymnast when she retired from the sport to pursue other interests. In 2014, Emily found the adult gymnastics classes at Sokol Baltimore and through its supportive community fell back in love with the sport. Since then, she has been an integral member and coach at Sokol. Emily is also a Registered Dietitian and spent over a decade in healthcare and public health prior to committing to Sokol full time. She is thrilled to be able to share her passion with youth and see them gain confidence in a fun atmosphere!

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Naomi Boldon

Gymnastics Instructor

Naomi started gymnastics at 6 years old and continued training for 7 years! She even took gymnastics lessons at Sokol. One fun fact about Naomi is that her favorite event is vault! She stands out for her creativity during class. She also uses that creativity to support Sokol's social media platforms. Naomi teaches beginner and intermediate levels.

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Jill Collier

Gymnastics Instructor

Jill has been teaching adult crossfit classes since 2007, and has taught kids gymnastics, dance and crossfit classes since 2017. As a dancer, cheerleader and student athletic trainer growing up, she quickly learned the importance of proper movement patterns, balance, flexibility and strength, and learned basic gymnastics in the process. This carried over into coaching youth cheerleading, teaching kids how to swim, and finding her love for all things coaching. Jill started taking adult classes at Sokol in 2011, and her daughter started Sokol at 18 mos old in 2014. It wasn't until 2017 that she started teaching at Sokol when another instructor moved out of state, leaving the Tiny Tots program without an instructor. Jill lives in Southeast Baltimore with her active (and exhausted) family, and coaches 6+ hours a week of gymnastics, crossfit and dance in addition to her full time job. Jill coaches beginner and intermediate levels. 

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Deanna Lopez

Gymnastics Instructor

Deanna participated in dance and gymnastics when she was younger and cheered throughout high school. She’s held several positions working with school-aged youth and is excited to be working with our community. Deanna is a student at Loyola pursuing her master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. She is certified in CPR/AED. Deanna coaches beginner classes. 


Joseph Ehrenberger

Gymnastics Instructor

Past Program Director

Joseph’s dad, a Sokol gymnast himself, took him to beginners’ gymnastics class at Sokol Dallas when he was 6 years old. That became his second home where he practiced and coached younger children until he graduated from high school. After college, work took him to Houston, where he coached at the Sokol there.   Several years and career moves later he landed in Baltimore and enrolled his own children in Sokol classes. He has been a member and coach at Sokol Baltimore for over 25 years. He enjoys sharing what he knows and watching gymnasts progress in strength and self-confidence. Joseph coaches Boys classes and supports additional classes as needed. 


Kim Brock

Gymnastics Instructor

Kim started coaching at Sokol in early 2019. Her gymnastics adventure started at age 3 and she competed up to Level 6 through high school. With a degree in Studio Art and Photography from the Michigan State University, she ran her own photography business for several years and moved to Baltimore in 2015 and lives in the Patterson Park Neighborhood. She has experience in event planning, donor engagement, and non-profit HR management. She credits gymnastics with building her self-confidence and enjoys sharing the sport with the young gymnasts she coaches. Kim utilizes her experience to coach any classes needed from parent/child to intermediate levels. 

Tereza- Yoga.jpeg

Tereza Dvorak

Yoga Instructor

Tereza has coached Tennis during summer camps while in college and is a registered Yoga Teacher. Her style is Vinyasa, or flow yoga. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California and works full time for a software company.  She travels to the Czech Republic every year to visit friends and family.

Coach Shirt.jpeg

Alisha Mason

Gymnastics Instructor

Alisha is a former competitive gymnast from Frederick, MD. She is a current pre-med undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University. Beam is her favorite event and she is excited to join the Sokol gymnastics community for the 2023-24 gym year! Alisha instructs a range of classes from Sokol Explorers to intermediate levels. 

Coach Shirt.jpeg

Nya Bennett

Gymnastics Instructor

Nya is a native Marylander and one of our newest members of the coaching staff. She has been dancing since age 7 and began competitive dance and cheerleading in Middle School. During lunch breaks and after school she would help other students with tumbling skills. She is a caretaker and has training in child development, First Aid, and CPR. Nya uses her experience to instruct our parent/child classes and Sokol Explorers. 


Katie Brown

Gymnastics Instructor

Katie has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. She is a mechanical engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, overseeing design, construction, and testing of HVAC systems for military installations. She has been doing gymnastics for over 20 years and found Sokol through the adult workouts. She is one of our volunteer coaches and has competed for Sokol Baltimore several times. She is excited to share her love of gymnastics and fitness with both kids and adults! Katie coaches our beginner gymnasts. 


Lindsey Golden

Yoga and Motion Instructor

Lindsey is passionate about creative movement and dance. She is the creator of The Lindsey Golden Project, the home of the contemporary dance and cirque arts performance group, Golden Dance Experiment. Lindsey has 10 years of teaching experience in dance and yoga. She is also a dedicated writer, marketer, film editor, and production director. Lindsey brings fun, excitement and whimsy to her Dance Fitness classes. 

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Kyana Sanchez

Gymnastics Instructor

Kyana (Kiki) was a gymnast for several years in New Mexico and competed up to level 7 during high school. Her focus has been coaching parent-child and recreational girls’ gymnastics and tumbling.  She coached Level 2-4 during summer camp. She is a full-time college student at Morgan State University, studying behavioral science. Kyana's college schedule keeps her busy, so she coaches clinics and supports with class subbing as needed. 

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