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Sokol, meaning falcon, represents strength, beauty, harmony and freedom. We pursue of health and happiness through fun fitness activities. Our credo is a sound mind in a sound body​.


Sokol Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal and community health by offering affordable gymnastics, fitness, educational, and cultural activities for all ages. Czech immigrants originally brought Sokol to Baltimore in 1872 as a way to maintain a sense of community in a new country. These new immigrants of one ethnicity had a vision that has evolved into a community organization for Baltimore City that is proud to encompass clients and members from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


As written in our bylaws, our mission is to guide members throughout life, from early youth through maturity, to physical and moral health, good citizenship and responsible patriotism, combined with continuous self-improvement. This goal is pursued through general physical fitness activities, gymnastics, and sports, as well as varied cultural and social activities."



  • Cultivate a passion for health and fitness in our local community.

  • Bring together a diverse population with the common goal of developing a sound mind in a sound body within a strong and inclusive community.

  • Share the unique history and culture of the Czech and Slovak people, the community in which Sokol started. 

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