Why is there a registration fee and how does it save me money? 

Registration fees cover the variable cost of liability insurance. Many gyms hide these fees in the price of classes. This increases tuition rates and ends up charging you each time you enroll in a class in the same year, and therefore more overall. At Sokol, you'll only pay the registration fee once a year and we encourage you to take as many classes as you want without paying hidden fees each time.


Why doesn't Sokol Baltimore hide registration fees by increasing tuition if that generates more profit for other gyms?

Since 1872, Sokol Baltimore's mission has been to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles by offering affordable gymnastics and fitness classes for all ages and skill levels. Our main goal is to spread the joy of gymnastics and excercise with as many people as possible.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we're able to offset prices by accepting tax-deductible donations.

Consider supporting Sokol Baltimore with a donation to help make our programs accessible to more children in Baltimore City. 


Did you know...?

Sokol Baltimore is the only gymnastics facility in Baltimore City and we charge the lowest rates compared to gymnastics clubs in nearby counties. 

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 The Sokol Baltimore mission is to guide its members throughout life to physical and moral health, good citizenship, and cultural appreciation.  We focus equally on individual effort, group cooperation, and commitment to our community. We do this by offerring affordable gymnastics, fitness, educational, and cultural classes for all ages.

Sokol Baltimore | 3218 Noble St, Baltimore, MD 21224


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