What are the gym rules?

  1. Have fun!

  2. Be nice to everyone in the gym and offer encouragement and praise generously.

  3. Listen to all directions from the instructor before going on any piece of equipment or doing any exercises.

  4. Respect the personal boundaries of everyone in the gym (no cutting in line; no unwanted or excessive touching/hugging; no stealing; no pushing, hitting, kicking, etc.).

  5. Pay attention to what you’re doing AND what others are doing before practicing a skill or walking through the gym.

  6. Always walk AROUND the equipment (including the floor). Do NOT walk across, over or under any piece of equipment unless your instructor says it's ok.

  7. Keep all chewing gum, food and drinks in the lobby and outside of the gym area.

  8. Keep noise to a moderate level.

  9. In the lobby: Place all excess clothing, shoes, etc., inside a cubby. Children should sit on benches in the lobby until the instructor begins class. NO GYMNASTICS in the lobby. Parents are responsible for their childrens' behavior until the instructor begins class.

  10. NEVER say "I can't." Instead say, "I'll try my best." or "Can you help me?"

Will my child be disciplined?

If an instructor is unable to redirect a problem behavior, consequences might include: a verbal warning, loss of a turn or early dismissal from class depending on the frequency and severity of the behavior. Threatening, intimidating or harassing others (physically or verbally) will not be tolerated for the safety of all.

What are your safety procedures?

  1. Only a parent/guardian or authorized adult will be allowed to pick up a student from practice. Parents/guardians may provide a list of other adults they authorize to pick up their child on the registration form when they first enroll in a class. You can add to or change this list in the future by sending us an email from the email address you use to log into your portal account or by sending us a message directly through the portal. Add-ons will not be authorized for pickup until you receive acknowledgement from us.
  2. The instructor must be informed by the beginning of class if someone other than a parent/ guardian will be picking up the student and the child will only be dismissed to an adult on the authorized list.
  3. A parent/guardian or authorized adult will accompany children into the gym and remain together in the waiting area until greeted by the coach. Parents are encouraged, but not required, to remain at Sokol for the duration of each class.
  4. Children will not be dismissed from the building until a parent, guardian or authorized adult is present inside the waiting area and greeted again by the coach.
  5. Any individual picking up a child should be prepared to show valid identification if asked by a staff member or volunteer for any reason. At the instructor's discretion, we may refuse to release a child if the adult who arrives for pickup is unable or refuses to show ID, or if there are any safety concerns.
  6. Parents will accompany children requiring assistance to the bathroom. Staff/volunteers are not able to assist in toileting.

Are there any additional policies?

  1. What to Wear:
    1. GIRLS: Leotards or unitards, tight-fitting stretch shorts or pants are permitted with leotard. NO LEOTARDS WITH SKIRTS ATTACHED
    2. BOYS: Gym shorts and t-shirts
    3. ADULTS (including parents assisting younger children): Remove shoes before entering the gym area
    4. ALL: No dresses, skirts, or loose fitting clothing; No jeans or other types of pants with buttons, zippers or rivets; No footed tights; Bare feet are preferred, but socks are optional; Long hair must be tied back; No jewelry (dangly earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc.)
  2. Water: Drinking water and staying hydrated is very important for your gymnast’s health and safety. Athletes should bring water bottles that can be refilled at our water cooler. If you forget, you may purchase bottled water from us for $1. We ensure that all participants have access water. If parents aren’t at the gym or don’t have cash on hand, we will give your child bottled water and $1 will be added to your balance and charged to the card in your account. We'll send parents an email if this occurs.
  3. Snow, Earthquakes and other Weather Closures: We will provide an announcement via email and in your customer portal if the facility is going to be closed. If your class is cancelled due to our facility closing, we will offer an opportunity to make up the class before the end of the session. However, we can't guarantee that it will be on the same day/time as your scheduled class or that every family affected will be able to attend the make-up class offered. We cannot offer refunds or credits to families who are unable to make up a class that was cancelled because our facility was closed.
  4. Lateness: We recommend that gymnasts arrive 10 minutes before every practice to have time to put their things in a cubby, use the bathroom, get ready for practice, etc. The first 15 minutes of every practice are the most important. We start each practice with warm-ups, which are essential for injury prevention as well as for developing strength and flexibility. Gymnasts who arrive late will be expected to complete the entire warm up independently before joining the rest of the class. This might mean practicing at home to learn the warm-up routine.
  5. Rescheduling: Please choose carefully when enrolling in a class. Once the session has started, rescheduling can be very disruptive for the individual student and for the class. Within the first 2 weeks, changes may be made in certain circumstances (space permitting) and are subject to approval by the Board of Instructors. There will be no class changes after the second week of each session.
  6. Absences: There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. Regular class attendance is suggested to maintain continued development in gymnastics. Our staffing and insurance costs are fixed for the number of students in the program and we cannot adjust them for absences.
  7. Valuables: Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Sokol Baltimore will not be held responsible for any items lost or stolen. Please check to make sure you have all your child's belongings before leaving the gym.
  8. Student Behavior: For the safety of all participants and instructors, students being disruptive will be taken out of class. Students who are excessively or repeatedly disruptive will be excused from the program at the discretion of the Board of Instructors. There will be no refunds for participants who are dismissed for unsafe behavior.
  9. Visitors: Only parents/guardians and immediate family are allowed to watch practices. Family friends are allowed to watch if they have permission from a gymnast’s parent/guardian. Please supervise siblings who are observing classes. If there are any distractions from the viewing area, we will ask spectators to move away from the viewing area or leave the facility. Under no circumstances are children or parents who are not participating allowed on the gym floor. Please feel free to approach our instructors with questions, but do so at the end of class.