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Benefits of Registration

Everyone who paid the registration fee during the current registration period is considered an "active student" until the end of the registration period, even if a student chooses not to enroll in every session.

This means you'll be eligible for priority enrollment before each session while you're registered!


Priority Enrollment Week: Before each new session, all active students are invited to enroll in before open registration for new students.



50% OFF open gym

30% OFF drop-in classes

$15 OFF birthday parties

Surprise discounts on special classes and events


Invitations to student-only special events.


★All registered students under 18 years old receive a complimentary Youth Membership to American Sokol.

Youth members receive a membership card or renewal sticker, quarterly newsletter, passport, and receive many other fun perks and benefits.

★Opportunity to travel to local, regional, and national Sokol events.

Only Youth Members are invited to participate in inter-Sokol events.

★You can prevent your account from becoming inactive by making sure to renew your registration for the upcoming year during the last priority enrollment at the end of August.


Renewing the registration fee means you'll continue to receive all of the benefits of being an active student.

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